Curb Painting Company in 
Phoenix, AZ

Striping curb serves many purposes. The primary reason for striping curb is to identify Fire Lanes. The addition of red curb to fire lanes only marked with signs can help ensure emergency lanes and parking stays clear. This will allow medical, fire, and police services to properly access parking lots and connect to fire hydrants. White stenciling reading ‘FIRE LANE’ and ‘NO PARKING’ can be added for extra visibility. Many counties require red curbed Fire Lanes stay clearly marked at all times. Not abiding by this may result in a fine.

Curb Striping Company in Phoenix, AZ

Curb striping or painting is used in drop-off zones, pick-up zones, handicap zones and no parking zones to clarify curb use rules.

What do the different colors painted on curbs mean?

  • White or non painted:
    Parking or stoping is allowed, unless restricted or limited by signs.
  • Blue:
    Parking for the accessible parking only. Motorists must have a disabled person / handicap parking placard hanging on the rear view mirror or or disabled / handicap license plate.
  • Green:
    Parking allowed for a short time. This is usually accompanied by a sign next to the green zone disclosing allotted time. Green painted curbs can also be used for student loading zones accompanied by the appropriate signage.
  • Yellow:
    Loading or unloading Zone for passengers or deliveries. Drivers are usually required to stay with their vehicle.
  • Red:
    Fire Lanes No parking. Red curb may also be used in NO STOPPING or NO STANDING zones in conjunction with the appropriate signs. A bus may stop at a red zone marked for busses.

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