Stenciling Painted Letters on Asphalt in
Phoenix, AZ

Stenciling is the striping term used when referring to non-utility asphalt markings. Straight Striping LLC is happy to provide almost any stencil to meet your parking lot needs. We offer stencils in multiple sizes and colors. These stencils include individually striped identification marks in stalls (i.e. Handicap, Reserved, #’s), directional arrows, no parking, or Fire Lane on curbs. Stenciled numbers can designate assigned parking spots in apartment communities, parking garages, and commercial parking lots. Adding these stencils is a cheap alternative to metal posts and signs.

Custom Pavement & Parking Lot Stenciling in Phoenix, AZ

We also offer stenciling on curb and concrete wheel stops. Most commonly striped curb stencils are FIRE LANE and NO PARKING. Some of the other stencils clients have requested in the past include, RESERVED, VISITOR, and EMPLOYEE. Business names striped on curbs and concrete wheel stops can help customers locate your business in large commercial buildings. Marking home addresses in residential neighborhoods assists emergency services and guests in locating your home. We are able to accommodate all of these, as well as most personalized stenciling.

A client recently contacted us wanting some striping done in their Chandler warehouse. Our client operates a large air conditioning and heating business. They were looking for a way to organize their units inside the warehouse. We were able to work with the client and stripe several bays with custom stenciling in each bay. The addition of these bays with eliminated confusion and increased productivity for our client. They are now able to keep their units organized and identified.

*** Custom stenciling and personal requests may be accommodated for an additional charge. Please let us know what you’re looking for, and we can discuss possible options. ***