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What Do The Different Curb Colors Mean in AZ Parking Lots?

Have you ever wondered what all the different curb colors in a parking lot mean? There are red curbs, blue curbs, yellow curbs and more! Sure, when we took our driver’s license test we probably had to know these things, but let’s be honest, who actually remembers a test they took when they were 16. Plus, with Arizona being a melting pot, our roads, and parking lots, are filled with out-of-state drivers. So, as Phoenix’s favorite experts on parking lot painting, we thought we’d share what some of those colors mean. Understanding the meanings behind the colors of parking lot curbs can make a significant difference in avoiding fines, ensuring accessibility, and maintaining traffic flow. Let’s dive in as we decode the colors of curbs in Arizona, providing a comprehensive guide for drivers to navigate parking lots with confidence.



Yellow pained curbs are designated for restricted/loading/unloading.

Red painted curbs are designated for no parking/emergency access/safety.

Blue painted curbs are designated for accessible parking.

White painted curbs are usually designated for short term parking.

Green painted curbs are uncommon but may indicate limited-time parking restrictions.


Yellow Curbs

yellow curb in Phoenix parking lot








Yellow curbs in Arizona, and most other states, serve as a warning, indicating restricted parking areas. Typically, these curbs denote loading zones, passenger drop-off areas, or areas designated for commercial vehicles. Parking along a yellow curb may result in penalties or towing, so it’s important to look out for these warnings and for yellow curbs and avoid parking in these zones unless you’re actively loading or unloading passengers or goods.


Red Curbs

Red Curb Painting Company in Phoenix










Just like yellow curbs, red curbs signify no parking zones with strict enforcement. In Arizona, along with most of the country, red curbs often designate fire lanes, emergency vehicle access points, or areas where parking is prohibited for safety reasons. Parking along a red curb not only risks hefty fines but also obstructs emergency responders’ access, potentially endangering lives. Always respect red curbs and keep these areas clear to ensure public safety.


Blue Curbs

blue curb painted in parking lot







In many states, blue curbs are reserved for accessible parking spaces, providing safe parking for individuals with disabilities. Arizona follows this convention, with blue curbs indicating parking spots specifically designated for individuals with disabilities. Parking in a blue curb space without the proper permits or authorization is not only illegal but also denies those with disabilities access to essential amenities, even if you say it’s “only for a minute”. An able-bodied person without the proper permits parking in these designated areas is unacceptable both legally and ethically. Check out our blog to learn more about what it’s like for a local Scottsdale driver who navigates ADA compliance daily. Always prioritize the needs of individuals with disabilities by refraining from parking in blue curb spaces unless you have the appropriate permits.



White Curbs

White curbs in Arizona typically serve as passenger loading zones or short-term parking areas. These curbs often appear near businesses, schools, or other high-traffic areas where temporary parking is necessary for drop-offs, pickups, or quick errands. While parking along white curbs is generally permitted for short durations, be mindful of any posted signage or time restrictions to avoid overstaying your welcome and facing potential penalties. Remember when it comes to white curbs and temporary parking/loading zones, sharing is caring and it’s unlikely that your needs are more important than someone else’s.


Green Curbs

Green Curb








Green curbs in Arizona are relatively uncommon but may indicate limited-time parking or parking restrictions specific to certain areas. Like other colored curbs, it’s essential to pay attention to any accompanying signage or pavement markings to understand the regulations governing parking along green curbs. Ignoring these regulations could result in fines or towing at your expense, so always err on the side of caution and comply with posted guidelines.



Navigating parking lots in Arizona can be simplified by understanding the meanings behind the colors of curbs. By recognizing the significance of yellow, red, blue, white, and green curbs, drivers can make informed decisions to park safely, avoid fines, and respect the needs of others, including individuals with disabilities and emergency responders. Whether it’s loading zones, accessible parking spaces, or short-term parking areas, adhering to the color code of curbs is essential for maintaining order, accessibility, and safety in parking lots across the state. So, the next time you find yourself in a parking lot in Arizona, remember to look beyond the paint and heed the messages conveyed by the colors of the curbs.


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